Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lilac and Blue

Dear Mrs Jacaranda
you're making a mess
of my front verandah
without sounding rude
and somewhat bitter
would you mind getting rid
of your lilac litter?
For lilac and I
we don't get along
She knows that my feelings
for blue are quite strong
and no matter how hard
she tries to impress
it's blue I love now
and have always I guess
But I must give her points
for consistency
every year without fail
raining potpourri
she doesn't give up
she won't be ignored
until I admit
until she's adored
But it's blue that I love
I'm sorry to say
Blue doesn't give
so freely away
Out of my reach
way up, way high
it doesn't fall down
God forbid it should try
I pray that blue
will bless me each day
I stumble to check
but I'm greeted with grey
and if it remains
for more than I care
if blue becomes sparse
if blue becomes rare
I sulk like a woman
hanging on hope
with no word from her lover
she struggles to cope
So if you resent
my devotion to blue
Deny me your lilac
And I'll yearn for you too

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