Monday, November 2, 2009


In my dreams I'm riding
My horse goes round and round
I'm naked without a saddle
his hooves don't make a sound
We take the road less travelled
By everyone but us
When I yearn to see the highway
My horse kicks up a fuss
He doesn't like to venture
discover different sights
We take the road less travelled
Endure long, silent nights
One day I'm gonna lose him
This horse called Deja vu
I'll slip right off his plastic back
and do what so few do
I'll snuff the song stuck in my head
for years it's ugly drone
I'll write a tune that no-one's heard
one of my very own
And then my feet will tap along
I'll dance a brand new groove
And I won't claim my rights to it
We've all the right to move

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