Sunday, January 3, 2010


She's got a flabby belly
and her tits tend to sag
But her wit's intact
even for an old bag
Her bladder's weak
And her temper - short
You'd never know it
but she was once a good sort
Her teeth are false
and her hair is thinning
She's got arthritis
and Dementia's beginning
her ears are still good
her advice is sound
she's got no regrets
and when she's no longer around
Her picture will sit
on her daughter's shelf
Taken when her mother
was not much older than herself
She'll teach her own daughters
What her mother taught her
She'll tell them all about that world
and the way things were
But they're not really listening
They can't relate
They're too impatient
They've too much on their plate
They're not concerned;
"That was before we were born!
We didn't know her,
do you expect us to mourn?"

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