Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Down on the jetty splintered and grey
Boats were nodding on a choppy bay
I loaded the hull with fresh supplies
When a brown Burmese with golden eyes
Charily climbed aboard to choose
A comfortable spot to take a snooze
Next to the tackle and smelly bait
This feline was happy to contemplate
So I started her up and off we putt-puttered
A brown cat and me in my little boat cluttered
Packed to the brim with all the stuff
One needs to survive if the going gets rough
And while I ponder all of nature's flaws
Golden eyes licks his salty paws
Begging a scratch on his belly exposed
His response - typically well-composed
When I planned this rare vacation
I don't recall sending him an invitation
I'm the discerning type, my heart's always closed
To selfish guests that have often imposed
But there is one guest I do prefer
The kind that comes with lots of fur.

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