Friday, August 28, 2009

Bad Hair Day

Dear hairstylist,
I am not happy with my hair.
I meant to tell you so - I swear,
but after three long hours in that chair
I couldn't wait to get the hell out of there.
I think you need to be aware
that while we smile, that vacant stare
indicates complete despair
why we're powerless to share
might have something to do with the way you wave those scissors in the air
it's so unfair
My next appointment is...elsewhere!
I just pray they can repair
this eighy-five dollar nightmare,
These days good stylists are so rare
You can't afford not to care
I'll tell all my friends to beware
I'll tell 'em you've got no flair, for hair!


  1. Bahahaha.....hilarious! And so true! :)

    LOVE your stuff, Amalia!

  2. Thanks Brigs :) my quest for a good stylist will never end.