Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Great Nifty Mable

Let me tell you a fable
about a charismatic rat
known as Nifty Mable
Nifty had a cat.
Yes! A cat as a pet.
Her name was Kit
and she hasn't bit her yet.
Kit keeps undesirables
mostly other rats at bay
For Nifty's unlike other rats,
she's not considered prey.
You see, her mother was a blue Burmese
whose eyes were not so keen
And when she bore a litter of eight
Nifty snuck right in between
She was picked-on by her siblings,
they'd mock her skinny tail.
Her mother fed her twice as much
so she wouldn't be so frail.
Nifty grew to be a scholar, a wordsmith, and a wiz
She lectured cats from around the world
on the meaning of being is.
Why we are here and what our purpose?
Is it simply to chase and catch?
Many embrace her poignant theories,
but the dull still hiss and scratch.
Cats have declared their prophet
and her name is Nifty Mable,
her sidekick Kit leads the enlightened flock
all devout and willing and able.
Nifty dreams of the day, cats and rats
will reside in a world of peace
But alas, there are zones on either side
where the carnage may never cease.

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