Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Eye of the Beholder

They were beautiful
and they were real,
their imperfections
enhanced their appeal
but along came a man who thought too much
and erased their flaws
with a magic touch.
Vital statistics
skewed with distortion,
bodies glowing
in perfect proportion,
smoking the mirrors
of current generations,
raising the bar
and all our expectations.
Trimming hips,
inflating lips,
eight-year-old girls
googling diet tips.
And while the clocks
go on to delude
they've come up with a model
who doesn't need food.
completely unattainable
our flesh and our blood
are no longer sustainable.


  1. Amalia, your poems are a delight. I particularly like this one. Keep on writing. And thanks, your blog made me smile.