Friday, July 31, 2009

A Tall Story

Let me tell you a story
about my friend Kate.
Two weeks ago
she went on a date,
I set her up
with a fellow work-mate,
tall, dark, handsome
and surprisingly - straight.
I had a good feeling
I thought they'd be great,
together they're perfect
it had to be fate.
But she called me that evening
she seemed quite irate,
"He hasn't shown up
how long should I wait?"
She ordered her meal
and stared at her plate,
all alone at the table
on her lonesome she ate.
She moved to the bar
it was getting quite late
when a stranger approached
all of four-foot-eight.
Too pissed to care
too mad to debate,
"You OK?" he asked,
she was in quite a state.
Well I know you're all dying
for the latest update,
it seems they're together
this clown and my Kate
I know that sounds harsh,
but I just can't relate
with this guy that she met,
all of four-foot-eight.
My friend you see,
has an unusual trait,
she's six-foot-four
and it's hard to translate
what it must be like
when they copulate.
But despite my opinion
who am I to dictate?
He may not look it
but he is her soul mate

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